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Faster grading isn't the only reason to use ClassroomIQ

Some assessments are just not keyboard compatible.  For those times when you need to use pencil and paper but don't want to spend your entire weekend grading, ClassroomIQ is the solution for you. A few of the key features of ClassroomIQ include:

Collaborate with your team

ClassroomIQ supports common assessment, whether across a grade, a school or an entire district.

Student Portal

Students can review their scores and your feedback online at any time. No more lost papers.

Works on any device

iPads, Androids, Chromebooks & Laptops. Now you can grade papers on the go. 

Fast Feedback

Less time spent grading means you get feedback to students while it still matters.

Proven Technology 

To date teachers have used ClassroomIQ to grade over 5,000,000 student answers.

Human Assisted Grading

ClassroomIQ grading assistants grade both multiple choice and short answer questions.

Standards Libraries

Pre-loaded with national standards and the ability to import your own

Advanced Reporting

Review student performance- by score, by standard, by feedback. Plus- see the actual student work behind the data.

Timely feedback for every student.

"Provide meaningful, individualized feedback to every student." 

-Adam Roubitchek,  Instructional Coach & Science Teacher

Actionable, Real Time Data

"ClassroomIQ allows me to alter my instruction so students can understand the concepts better"

-Dan Stone, International Baccalaureate Math Teacher

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